Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prom Night With My Boy

I had the most wonderful "date night" with my youngest son! His school sponsored a Pre-K Prom! It was complete with Twinkies and juice boxes to snack on, a disco ball and super fun (and loud) music! Although I didn't pull out my old prom dress a dear friend of mine loaned me some dresses, as I don't own very many. Anyhow, Christian picked out what he wanted me to wear and we headed out the door! In the truck on the way to the dance our conversation went a little like this:
CJ: Mom, what exactly is a prom?
Mom: Well honey, it's a dance where you go and hang out with friends and just have fun.
CJ: Oh. (I could see the wheels turning)
Mom: You're pretty lucky though, you'll get to go AGAIN in high school!
CJ: Do you think in high school, Gam can be my date?
Mom: (I must admit I wasn't sure what exactly he was saying...I had brushed my teeth AND put on a dress for this kid!!) I'm sure she would be thrilled to be your date!
CJ: That's great, cause I could tell she was sad. Then next time, you can stay home with the babies!

I could just eat him up!!! That boy truly has a heart of gold.

After dancing the night away my precious boy sealed our date with a sweet kiss!

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  1. SO so sweet!! I am glad you two had such a great time!! =]



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