Monday, March 1, 2010

Three Little Words

Humility...what do you think of when you hear that word?

According to Websters Dictionary it means: The quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc.
The Bible tells us that with humility comes wisdom. (Proverbs 11:2) Weeellllll, I don't know how much wiser I am, but if I had to sum up what this deployment has taught me in one word, it would have to be humility. For as back as I can remember I've had the "I can do it myself" attitude. I've never thought of it as a bad thing, quite the opposite. I was under the impression that I was making life easier for those around me...Mike had a smaller "honey-do" list, my children had less chores, and to be perfectly honest...I like to be in control of situations. ALL SITUATIONS. Basically for the last decade I have been attempting to make the impossible possible. It is noteworthy that I now add...I am not nor have I ever been in absolute control. Anyhow, back to this whole humility thing. Although I have been blessed with the most wonderful 5 children any Mother could ask for, these 5 little blessings bring with them a ton of responsibility. Since my husband's departure I believe with all my heart that God has allowed certain situations to unfold before me that have forced me to say three of my most dreaded words...I need help. Oh my almost hurts my fingers to type them. Because of all the circumstances beyond my control (yes, I said it...beyond my control) I have had to humble myself and ask for help. But I have to tell you, through it all, the most amazing things have happened. My relationships have deepened, my anxieties have lowered and I can even walk with my head held a little higher. Turns out, a little humility isn't a bad thing, in fact God encourages us to lean on those around us. That's why we have brother's and sister's in Him. Without those three little words...who knows?

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