Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I know.  I know.  It's a common belief that Valentine's Day is just another day that has become a commercialized day allowing stores to stock up on candies, balloons and flowers obligating our loved ones to "show" us how much they care.  I know that chocolates, flowers and cards prove nothing...but isn't it fun to have another reason to do something extra special?  I must admit, I like Valentine's day.  I think it's a fun day that gives me another chance to be creative and show my love.  So...for Valentine's Day I made my children an special after school treat!  They were so excited!  It's true that none of them were very hungry at dinner time, but it's okay.  Sometimes you just have to do something out of the ordinary.


  1. I confess. I like it too :O) What's wrong with a little day to show you care? Heck, life gets so busy, we HAVE to have a day set aside for it!?

  2. I agree! So you say "I love you" every day. That's great! So you show it every day. That's great, too! What's wrong with one day to show it in an creative and over the top way? I think it's fun, and I look forward to making a special recipe and dessert for my family, giving my husband a sweet card, and the kids something to make them smile.

    Besides, it's not a new holiday at all. People have been celebrating love with Valentine's Day for a very long time.

    And the commercialization? We don't complain when stores market Christmas, or Easter, but there's plenty of that stuff, too.

    I saw we quit being bitter and embrace the chance to show love to each other.

    Great post, Ashley!

  3. That was such a nice surprise for them. Wish I could have seen their faces.



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