Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unnecessary Worry

 As I looked around at all the smiling faces and squeals of joy, I temporarily forgot I was outside sweating!  Today was the kick off for end of the year activities...starting with FIELD DAY!!!  If any of you were around for last year's field day, you know how we have such a love/hate relationship going on.  This year I decided to put my dread of the hot weather aside and focus on the fun!  So, rather than waiting until the last minute to get everything together, I stayed up last night carefully packing my tools.  Everything was there...drinks, snacks, sun screen, towel, camera, money and special snacks for Christian's class.  The day started off without a hitch, which always makes me a tad nervous.  Ethan, Addeline, Kaitlyn and I all made it to the big event by 9am...still I am waiting for a disaster.  I should probably mention that every time something seems to be running flawlessly some type of catastrophe happens (a potty accident, a lost pacifier, a forgotten blanket, etc).  I thought that moment had arrived when I started to unpack the stroller from my car and it wouldn't open!!  I must admit I was momentarily afraid.  I've never taken the girls anywhere without the back up of a stroller.  I wasn't sure if they would run in different directions, pitch a fit when it was time to go or what.  At this point it didn't matter...I wanted to go watch my son play.  Feeling like a pack mule, we all held hands and headed for the fields.  Christian spotted us immediately!  It was so sweet to see his happy face!  I knew that no matter what happened we had made his day by coming.  I set up "camp" giving the girls books to read and I set off taking pictures.  

 These are the smiles that make my day!
This is known as the elephant run! 
Giddy up cowboy Christian
Patiently waiting his turn.
All ready for Field Day 2011
While the students took a water break, we played on the playground.

It is especially important to note that not one disaster or catastrophe occurred.  We all had a wonderful day playing and watching Christian.  Even the weather was perfect...not a cloud in the sky!  All of that unnecessary worrying....
Thank you God for these precious moments.
"Surely you have granted him unending blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence."
Psalms 21:6

"Day of Play Part 2" starring Victoria will be coming up next week.

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  1. Look at those pigtails! I can't believe how much they have all grown up. Looks like he had a wonderful day, and glad you didn't have to worry too much!



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