Friday, September 30, 2011


It's a word that not many are familiar with.  In fact, up until last Sunday I wasn't either.  However, it
is definitely something that can cause intense rebellion in some and immediate defiance in most. 


  1. A slave.  One who gives himself up to anothers will.
  2.  A servant.  

I squirmed in my seat last Sunday as my Pastor explained to the congregation what a doulos was and how it pertained to us as Christians.  Although slave and servant are both definitions of the same word, it can be a bit tricky as they, in fact, have slightly different meaning.  A slave, indicates a position of inferiority.  A person or position in which one cannot leave his master.  A servant on the other hand is when one chooses to serve his master.  As the service went on Brother Andy took a step further into some uncomfortable territory...sin.

We all do it.  We all battle with our own demons.  Some of us struggle with foul language...sexual immortality...gluttony...greed...anger...pride.  The truth of the matter is we're all going to be a slave to something...or someone.  We just need to choose our master.  Thankfully, that is a choice that God has left up to us to make.

We can choose to allow sin to dictate how we live.  We can allow sin to drag us down and give it the chance to define us as a person.  Or we can be the light of the world.  We can lead others to Jesus; show them what real, unconditional love is all about. That is what we're instructed to do. (Matt 5:16)

It is impossible to serve God and Satan at the same time.  I cannot be praising God with the same mouth I am shouting profanity with just moments beforehand.  I cannot possibly be living for God and harming His temple (my body) at the same time.  I must choose who I am going to serve; who I am going to be a slave to.  It seems, even as I type, that it would be such a simple choice.  However, as soon as I start thinking about my every move, thought and word, it suddenly becomes increasingly difficult.  Living for God is not as easy as it sounds.  It takes work.  You must constantly be on your toes and remind yourself to make the "next right choice."

I realize this blog is a bit more "preachy" than I normally am,  but for some reason it's been heavy on my heart all week.  I definitely think it is noteworthy for me to add that by NO means am I indicating that I am anywhere NEAR where I need to be in my walk with Christ...remember, I am a work in progress.  But I am always grateful for these quiet, precious moments when I can sit back and say WOW....I choose you right now.

Don't you realize you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey?  You can be a slave to sin, 
which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living.
Romans 6:16

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  1. What great words...I think we all have to work daily to make sure we are letting Christ lead us and not the other "demons" we could become a slave too....:)



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