Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh the Irony

I will always remember the precious moment I lay patiently waiting to hear the news...what were the genders of the two active little ones that I carried inside in my belly.  Before ours, our family has had 3 sets of twins; twin girls and two girl-boy twins.  I will tell you the truth, the thought of giving birth to two boys was terrifying to me.  Christian, although I love him to pieces, had just about done me in between his 2 year old behavior and his "deployment behavior", as I like to call it.  Although, two little girls?  I wasn't so sure about that either.  That would be a lot of hormones raging in our home at one time and a lot of deep discussions that would make Daddy extremely uncomfortable, although he insists this is not so.  So, I had convinced myself I must be having a girl and a boy.  I simply must be.  As the "magic wand" was pressed upon my belly, Mike held my hand excitedly and said,

"Ash, this could be a game changer."  
"A whater?"
"A game changer.  This will mean the difference in me going to dance performances and basketball championships."
**Up to this point, he had been very lucky that our precious Victoria was heavily into basketball too and had zero interest in dance, cheerleading or anything "girly".**
Well, you know the rest.  We were very blessed with two healthy baby girls.  Although they love playing ball with their brothers and big sister, Addie much prefers gymnastics and Kaitlyn adores ballet.  The past couple of weeks we have been able to enjoy them all!!

Our Addie Pie started gymnastics and I'm not even ashamed to say she's a natural.

Little Miss Kaitlyn began her ballet classes.  Nothing is too frilly for her!  She too took to the instruction right away and loved every minute of it.


 Our boys were off to Mercer's Basketball Camp in Macon.  I love the school, the athletic programs, and the fact that Christ is a part of their daily routine...doesn't get better!  Well, except that now that they're a part of the Southern Conference and will now play the Citadel!  That just sweetens the pot.
Ethan is a wicked defender...tough to go up against.

Taking it to the hoop.
There were some big boys out there, but Christian never gave up!

Christian "trapped" his opponent forcing him to travel.  Well played son, well played.

I often have proud Mommy-moments and several of these came during our camp week.  Ethan had approached his coach and asked him how he could improve his skills as a player.  The gentleman returned the next day with this slip of paper.

Ethan also was recognized for being the "hot shot champion" in his league.  Which means, he made the most baskets in 30 seconds...12 to be exact.
Christian was recognized as being the "camper of the league."  The coach raved about his attitude, sportsmanship, and mental toughness.  He was so happy! 

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