Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's Good To Be Five

Their kindergarten is in full swing and these girls have lots to celebrate!!!
Mike and I made the decision to put them in separate classes this year.  It was tough...for me.  The girls, although hesitant at first, have embraced their new found independence.  Last year, we noticed how they leaned on each other for support and encouragement.  That seems like a normal and sweet "twin thing".  However, one was beginning to lean on the other a bit too much.  She would shy away from answering questions in school; sadly say that her artwork wasn't as good as her sisters and even sometimes refuse to try something new.  That's when we along with their teacher thought it was best for us to "cut the cord."  This year, they started kindergarten with different teachers.  I was so nervous for this new transition. 
Would they be afraid?  Would they be able to make friends?  Would they cry about be "all lonely?" 
I replayed those questions over and over in my mind, BUT the split was something we had prayed about.  I knew I had to trust that God had this all under control. 
I am so excited to say, this change has done wonders for these two! 
Addeline has calmed down and is doing so well with following directions
(even when they're not something she wants to do).
Kaitlyn is blossoming before our eyes.  Her confidence has gone through the roof!
She is becoming more comfortable in new situations and is now seeing
the rewards for showing off her brains. 
These three have completed two chapter books together!  James and the Giant Peach and The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant).  Daddy loves reading to them and they are definitely adjusting to calming down and listening.  It's so fun to hear what they thing is going to happen or what they would do in the same situation.  You really never know what you're going to hear!
Next on their list is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Riding the bus home from school for the first time, after well over a year of waiting, was
"Better than ever!"
They were so excited to try something new...I've got mixed emotions about this one. 

Addeline got star student and was oh-so-proud!

Kaitlyn started bring home bags of books.  In this picture,
she is actually on the phone with Gam reading her the new book she brought home. 

Between counting, sounding out words, becoming "jump roping champions",
reading chapter books with Daddy, and showing Mommy all the new things they've learned...
Well, it's enough to tire these girls out.  At 8:00, they are ready for bed.  At times, even though they have their own beds, I'll catch them snuggling up together.
Some bonds will always be there...even if you are in different classes.

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  1. There's never a dull moment with those girls, that's for sure.



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