Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Challenge accepted

Fun things have been happening in this house!
I felt challenged to try something sentence per picture.
Considering I'm a gal with plenty to say, this should be interesting.

I've been contemplating signing up for my first half marathon and in order to do so,
I'd most definitely need this shirt!

Is it even possible to craft with your kiddos and not make a mess?!

This little sweetheart decided to create, get fancy, and go on a date with her brother.

Each day I am more amazed at how much these two look alike.

Late nights at church are finally catching up with this sleeping beauty.

This very well could be the grossest and most hilarious game ever.

It's definitely family friendly...

and all fun and games until you chomp down on a "Barf" flavored bean...

Or a "Stinky Socks" flavored one.
(How do they even MAKE such wretched flavors!?) 

Having Victoria's help creating a "Journey off the map" themed room was so so fun!

She's crazy creative!

My youngest son greeted his 11th birthday with a Pokemon themed day.

His Go-Pro was the highlight of the day...or maybe even the year!


  1. You guys have been busy...I like your one sentence comments, they are spot on. lol

    1. Getting everything in one sentence was harder than I thought. I miiiight have pushed it a little ;)



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