Monday, September 14, 2015

There Once Was A Perfect Parent

...and her name was not Ashley.

There are times when things are so close to your heart, it is nearly impossible to keep them in perspective.  As the dynamics around my house keep changing, I often find myself questioning myself.  "What's going on with ... ?  What are the motives behind these behaviors?  What am I missing?  HOW did I miss it? Wait...what the heck is it?!"  Life (and parenting) can be crazy, but there are also those rare and beautiful moments of tranquility and opportunities to just breathe and be thankful.  It is during those unassuming moments of rest in which Satan dances into the picture.  Cue the father of lies.  Suddenly, I find myself ripped from the safety of my "happy place" and thrust into the middle of a hurricane all the while trying to walk the tight rope of parenting.

This is tough.  When my kiddos were small, I remember thinking how strenuous things were; there was little sleep, little alone time, and lots to keep up with.  As my kiddos have grown and multiplied things are different and yet oddly the same.  There is much more sleeping, many more opportunities for personal hobbies, but there are still a million things x5 to keep up with.  Although guiding these little people through life is still hard, it's just a different kind of hard.

A friend once passed on a little story that had been shared with them:

"The perfect parent 
put his perfect children 
in the perfect place 
and they still chose to sin."

I'm not often speechless, but I must admit...I am.  I wonder how many times in a day God looks at me with the same puzzled look I often give my children.  The mere thought of that brings me down a few notches.  It's so easy to get caught up in all the questions of life, behaviors, and mistakes.  However, I can testify that all the worrying, crying, and even temper tantrums I've thrown throughout the years hasn't changed a thing.  I still make mistakes.  My children still make mistakes and I still desperately want to protect them from any and all poor choices.  However, the reality of the situation is, there is only one who can help with all this...and that is the perfect parent.

He is greater than any trial.  He is stronger than any storm.  And the depth of his love is inconceivable.  As impossible as it is to think about someone loving my children more than me...He does.

And, that, dear friends is who I will love, follow, and trust to guide me.

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