Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Once Upon A Time

There was once a most handsome young man.  He was a skilled basketball player.  On the court he was calm, decisive, and unafraid.  Off the court he was kind, funny, humble, and had muscles that went on for days.  Their beginning was a simple one.  After ogling him from afar the girl, who had been his cheerleader, decided it was time for them to meet.  Of course she was too shy to just walk up and introduce herself, but not so shy she couldn't recruit the help of a friend to make the introduction.  To her sheer delight the cute guy was also interested.

Their connection was immediate and undeniable.  There were many dates, late night phone calls, and snuggles on the couch.  He was passionate about basketball and his future with the sport.  She was passionate about him.  He wanted 1 maybe 2 children.  She wanted 5.  He loved living up north and all the snow.  She really loved the sunny days of the south.  He wasn't sure what direction he would go after college.  She was sure she wanted to go into the field of psychology.  He was carefree and open to try anything.  She liked to play it safe having some control of potential outcomes.  He was a spender.  She was a saver.  The attraction was impenetrable.

Graduation day came and decisions for the future were imminent.  He decided to join the military.  She...just didn't know what that would mean.  They had fallen in love, but neither knew what was to come of it.  She needed a new car to suit growing needs.  She liked the Focus.  He liked the Taurus. She looked at the affordability.  He looked at the safety.  They decided to test drive them together.  On that ride, the young man looks at the young lady and says, "We should just get married."  With no other thoughts in her mind, the young lady responded with a simple, yet confident "ok."

   * * * * * 

It has been 16 years since I said "ok".  Our romantic journey has had a little bit of everything in it.  It hasn't always been a fairy tale story, but it's our story.  The beauty of relationships is that they're all different and they all have potential.  They have the potential to be whatever we want them to be.  Don't settle and don't give up.  

 The day I said, "ok."

The day I said, "I do."

 The day I said, "I will."




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