Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Near Death Experience

So...the little girls are in the bath scrubbing their bodies clean! They were especially messy tonight as I had made fettuccine alfredo with chicken and broccoli mixed in! Very yummy and very messy! Anyhow, Kaitlyn was the first to finish as she usually is. It's pretty funny with that girl as she likes to get in and get out. So I get her out and grab the lotion to begin the lathering process. I suppose this is where I need to mention the fact that when my Mom visited last she taught the girls how to put lotion on their tummies. So after every bath they get a tiny bit in their hand to spread on their tummy or any body part they so choose. Sometimes they have chosen to taste it...thankfully this has not happened often. : ) Anyhow, as soon as I start to lather her Addeline spots the Cucumber Melon lotion, throws her leg over the side of the bath tub and nearly tumbles out. How exactly I was able to maneuver myself over Kaitlyn in time to catch Addeline remains a mystery! However, her little life was saved! The lesson learned from this event time I'll hide the lotion!

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