Monday, February 8, 2010

Tubes, Strep and Migraines...Oh My!!

Life, as always, has picked up the pace since Daddy has been away. We've dealt with teachers, base personnel, emotional meltdowns, hearing problems and of course...the all inclusive sickness!!! One of the most stressful events have been with Christian. To make an extremely long story somewhat short, I noticed he wasn't quite hearing right. He appeared to be reading my lips when I would talk to him and was always extremely loud! After many people telling me I was crazy and being overly cautious I decided to have his hearing checked. Sure enough Christian was suffering from minor hearing loss due to an extreme amount of glue like fluid behind both eardrums. After many weeks of being bounced around between the base pediatrics, our audiologist and our ENT we discovered that CJCJ Roy (as he likes to call himself) is one of those rare children that suffer with chronic ear infections but never complain of pain. In fact, there is only one time I can remember Christian screaming out in pain and that is right before his eardrum ruptured. Before that he was completely "normal". We tried medicines, but the fluid and infection kept returning so we finally made the decision to go ahead with the tubes. I was so excited that we were going to get this taken care of. That is up until they told me they wanted to do the procedure in 10 days...gulp. So, I pulled up my big girl panties and said to go ahead and schedule it. I may sound brave, but the entire time I was just wishing that Mike could be here with me to tell me it would be okay.
The day before Christian's pre-op appointment I'm sitting in the Med-Stop with my other extremely brave boy, Ethan, who has a fever and a very sore throat. Sometimes I wish I wish I had the capabilities to write prescriptions, because I knew it was strep. After 2 hours of waiting we found out I was right. THEN, I'm woken up, so very sweetly, at 6am by Christian telling me that his "neck was sore." Sigh....This was his pre-op appointment day. I knew after Ethan's diagnosis, what Christian said and the fact that he was burning hot this day was not going to go as planned. After another trip to the doctor and another positive strep test my suspicions were confirmed...Christian could not have his surgery until he was ALL better. I couldn't help but find the humor in the entire situation...did this nurse realize who she was talking to? There are 6 people living in my house!! At this rate we're never going to be "all better". Geesh. This situation, like all others, has been completely in God's hands from the start. The reschedule date is in March and guess who will be home by then?! Hip hip hooray!!!

I finally get both boys up and back to school just in time to take Victoria to the doctor. She's been getting these crazy bad headaches for the past few months. Lately though, they've been coming on more suddenly and a lot more often. I may have a houseful of children, but when it comes to headaches, I don't mess around. Thankfully she is 10 and wise beyond her years because she was very capable of explaining exactly how she feels before, during and after her headaches. Her descriptions were fantastic. In fact, a few times I had to remind myself to close my mouth. This gal is smart and uses such great adjectives. Even the doctor commented on what an amazing job she did...saying she made his job easier : ) Anyhow, given all the information it appears that my precious baby girl is getting migraines. I cannot even tell you how it hurts my heart to even think about the pain these types of headaches bring. Thankfully we have a game plan and it's nothing more serious. As a Mother my mind goes in all kinds of dark places....
Like I said, life's pace has certainly increased. Thankfully I'm up for the challenges!

"I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." Philippians:

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