Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Just Happened

Okay seriously...sometimes I think I may just need to be committed. Yes it is true my life has been a little bonkers lately but I have been may not always be pretty, but I'm managing. Let me paint you a little picture of what I'm talking about. I just had the most wonderful conversation with Mike via Skype. He actually timed it just right, so he could participate in the "tucking in" process. Which just on a side note is a love/hate thing for me. Love the peace and quiet it brings...Hate the chaos that must be endured first. I'm feeling so in uplifted...then we hang up. Now what. I can feel this cloud of gloom trying to take over. How does that even happen? Does this feeling happen to every woman whose spouse is away or am I particularly strange? I can handle sickness, rude people, dense people, car repairs, home repairs, but unexplained emotions drive me CrAzY!!!!!

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