Sunday, March 21, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

My vacation has come to an end and I have a confession to make...I was extremely worried I would enjoy my time away so much that I wouldn't be ready to come home. That worry really plagued me throughout my visit. I found myself flip-flopping between the joys of solitude and the guilt of being away from those I love the most. It wasn't until the day before I was set to go home while out running errands I saw a woman in the check out line at Target. She had 3 small children with her. It made me think about my oldest 3 when they were that small. It was right then when I knew it was most definitely time for me to go home...let me add that I was ready to go! When Mike and the kids drove up so we could make the was the neatest feeling ever! Mike was smiling and the big kids were banging on the window all wanting my attention. The love I felt was nothing short of amazing. I'm sure I'll battle with the same guilt vs. pleasure the next time around, but thankfully I can breathe easy knowing that in the end there's no place like home.

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