Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Apples of Our Youth

I'm here in Charleston, South Carolina on a vacation. A lot of people worked together to make it possible for me to come unaccompanied on a trip to renew my mind, strength and spirit. I've really enjoyed my time here with my parents getting the opportunity to almost be a kid again. As I was upstairs with Mom I was flipping through some old photographs from high school and college that are awaiting their final resting place in one of her many scrapbooks, I took notice something. I look so different now...different but the same. I'm relatively the same size, my hair is relatively the same, but it's my face that's different. In these pictures from my youth, my face was glowing and my cheeks were round. When I look in the mirror now, my face has much more chiseled look...I just look older. Yes, yes I know I've aged, but I'm thinking it's something more. I'm wondering...where exactly do those apple cheeks of our youth go? They can't just disappear.
These were my thoughts this morning as I headed out to pick up my van, which is on the verge of breaking down, from the dealership. (If by chance you were able to read my previous blog, you will see that yes indeed, this is the 2nd vehicle that has been in my possession this week that has broken down/nearly broken down.) An outing that was meant to be a simple act of picking up keys and leaving very quickly transitioned into something ugly. The gentleman I had been dealing with made a mistake, but rather than take responsibility, he proceeded to basically call me a liar, shout at us (Mom and me) and told me I owed X amount of dollars. The problem was I never asked him to do any of the work in the first place. Realizing we were going to get nowhere fast, I asked to speak with the manager. I calmly explained what had happened and could tell he felt bad for the ordeal that had just unfolded. He apologized and gave me my keys. My Mom and I went on our way without having to pay anything. After talking to Mike about the reality-TV sized drama that had just unfolded it dawned on me...the apples of our youth do indeed disappear with age. It's LIFE!
My conclusion is that it doesn't happen because we don't love our life or because we don't live it to the fullest, but because life is unpredictable, challenging and at times unreliable. However, my life is also exuberant, breathtaking, filled with love and beauty! One day we will be in the most perfect of places, for this life is only temporary and until that comes...I'll trade those apples any ole day for what I have now!!!

There's far more to life for us. We're citizens of high heaven!
Philippians 3:20

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