Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What In The World?!?

Seriously...I'm not sure what type of memo was sent out, but there have been some crazy things happening in the Roy household.

It all started on Monday, when Kaitlyn managed to bump her face into her crib and give herself a black eye! This is what's left of our family's first shiner!

Then Tuesday morning, Ethan lost his 4th tooth. The funny part about this one is...well, the boy looks like he got in a fight and lost! His other top tooth is really loose and will no doubt fall out soon. He will then be eating from a straw : )

While playing outside Tuesday afternoon, Christian had a bit of an accident on his scooter. When Mike and I arrived at the scene of the accident I saw a nice flap of skin hanging from the tip of his big toe. Yuck! I should tell you, blood never bothered me before I became a Mother! Thankfully Daddy took care of that boo-boo that sure looked painful.

I thought that looked painful until...Wednesday. I received a call from Victoria's school shortly after lunch saying there was a "boo-boo" that I needed to come and take a look at. Turns out that "boo-boo" was actually quite significant. My poor girl had tripped while playing tag and had chunks of skin missing from her knee. I'm not even joking...chunks. She was so brave as the doctors scrubbed the gravel and dirt from her knee. I was not as was so difficult not to cry. My stomach had a hard time with the sight of her knee which didn't even have enough skin on it to stitch it back together. It honestly looked as though someone had taken a spoon and scooped out a half-dollar sized portion of her knee. AWFUL!!! She has an antibiotic, pain medication and strict orders from the doctors to stay off her leg for a while. My poor baby girl.

Which leaves us with Miss Addeline Grace...the last little one standing! This gal's tough! So tough in fact, she's been leaving little surprises for me all around the house to keep me on my if 3 injured children aren't enough! This precious face is responsible for the latest and greatest... I told you...crazy things are happening in the Roy house!


  1. Aww!!! I hope your gang is on the mend soon!! And that toilet picture is TOO funny!!! What a sweetheart!! =)

  2. I hate to say it, but is seems as though crazy weeks like this are more the norm than any sort of departure from the norm. Whew! Mad drama...Not sure what we'd do without it!

  3. Poor kiddos!!! I do love the surprises in the toilet though. Hope everyone is healing quickly!



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