Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Weird!

What a weird day. I mean it...start to finish it has just been a strange day. I woke up feeling like I shouldn't be awake yet although my alarm clock said differently. That was my first indication that today might be a tad...different. Then I went to get my precious baby girls up and little Miss Kaitlyn sounded terrible. She was taking short breaths that were accompanied by wheezing. She sounded a tad congested Monday night when I put her to bed, but NOTHING like what I was hearing now. Hmmmm. The trouble was that I had to be at an appointment in 30 minutes, so I had to leave her with my Mom and run. We gave her some meds that had helped in the past and hoped for the best. When I arrived home and realized she sounded worse than before I decided she probably needed to be seen. I made an appointment for Kaitlyn and left the others with my Mom. Thankfully Mom was able to put on her superwoman cape and again save my day because our trip to the doctor ended up lasting almost 3.5 hours. After what felt like forever, we discovered my little princess has pneumonia. I'm so confused as to how something like this can pop up out of nowhere and get so bad so quickly, but I suppose that's just how it goes sometimes. Thankfully our pediatrician is wonderful. He's a family friend, a fellow deacon and one of my children's choir directors. He gave her a strong antibiotic, a steroid and we're now doing breathing treatments every 4 hours. We were so nervous about the breathing treatments, but Kaitlyn did wonderfully! I suppose she's not only a princess who prefers everything in pink, she so much more ; ) That gal's tough! Anyhow, coinciding with this grand adventure, our homeschooling lessons were a tad scattered about...my dinner never got quite finished so my Mom ordered pizza (thank goodness)...my kids stayed up until 9:15 and I'm still doing laundry at 10:11pm. Just weird!!!!


  1. Wow ... those days are so exhausting! My youngest has cystic fibrosis, and he has to do breathing treatments daily, but he's a tough one, like your little princess! He's always so good about it.

    Can I just tell you what an adorable, beautiful family you have. Gorgeous. ;0)

    Want to come back and read more ... am following now! ;0)

    Oh, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog this week and entering my giveaway! ;0)

  2. What a day! Those things happen when we least expect...I suppose so we'll learn we're not always in control. Your kids are precious! I have four sons...come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.



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