Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Underneath It All

So much to blog about yet so little time! I find myself having more and more of those days where I'm just wishing for just a few more precious hours to get things done...wishing the babies would rest for just a tad longer. The word wishing is in italics for a reason : ) While my life continues on at warp speed I've forced myself to pause a few moments along to the way to appreciate the small things. Which really, as I sit here and begin to blog are really not so small after all! My daughter Victoria is finishing up her 4th grade year at public school. The emphasis here is on public school because, just as I feared, the Lord has led me to pull her and home school her as well. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I am so enjoying teaching Ethan and can't wait to have Victoria here with me next year...but I'll save the rest of that story for another blog, otherwise I will ramble all morning. Because the school year is coming to a close, the teachers are sending all work home. My girl came bouncing in the door yesterday with a bound notebook of her published writings throughout the year. I decided some of these works are just so beautiful I wanted to share!

I Am Cumberland Island

A Personification Writing

By Victoria Roy

I am Cumberland Island. I am one of the fairest maidens in the sea. When the Timucuan Indians
were wiped out, my tears came down from heavenward. My leaves were bent over,
their hair dripping with teardrops.

I am Cumberland Island. My clear blue fingers splash on the shores, beckoning
visitors. My sandy body is good to run on. My long tunic of grass
keeps my wild horses alive.

I am Cumberland Island. I once held the famous Harry Lee Lighthorse within my borders.
I have marshes, where the fiddler crabs lay and where people used to
gather food. I am a graveyard. I am the home of 3 Dungeness's where the Carnegies,
the Greens, and James Oglethorpe lived.

I am Cumberland Island!

Which Takes Up More Space...A Frown or A Smile?

By Victoria Roy

Which one DOES take up more space? Well, as a child, I think a frown takes up more
space. Imagine if you see a little girl on the street in rags. She's frowning and tears are pouring
down. Later, you most likely won't remember her eye color, her height or even her hair color! All you remember is her frown. But, if she's laughing and smiling then you will remember
her whole, cheery face. So, as you can see, frowns take up more space.

On the outside Victoria seems like an average 10 year old. She loves to read, play outside, ride horses, do crafty things and cook! However, underneath it all is something very special and very unique. Call it Mother's- intuition, but I know God has very big plans for this young lady. She can see things the typical 10 year old girl cannot and she can express herself in ways most people (young and old) only dream about.
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord," plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Keep encouraging your little writer -- she is awesome!!

    You commented on my blog, wondering how I got started writing. I also post at and just wrote about the journey of this book. I thought you might be interested. Take care!



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