Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lessons Learned Through Home Schooling

I cannot believe I've actually had Ethan home and have been teaching him for 2 months now! It's definitely been a learning experience for us both...and very interesting at times. Before I get into some of the things he's been learning, let me explain some of the things I've been learning. First, a public school teacher has no easy job. I don't understand how one person can be relied on to teach 20(+/-) kids a certain concept and expect them to actually get it. That being said, I've also discovered where shortcuts are coming into play. For Ethan and Victoria, the emphasis has been more focused on memorization rather than ACTUAL learning. I get it, I really do, with so many kids in a class it's probably next to impossible to teach something complicated and expect/hope they'll "get it". BUT it's not doing my children any favors. It's definitely not setting them up for success. Who cares if they can select the right answers from a lengthy multiple question test, if they can't do X, Y, Z? I'm so thankful that God has allowed everything to unfold the way it has and given me the chance to step in when my children are still at such tender ages. I feel so honored to be their teacher! Second, I've learned that just like when they were first learning to walk, sing their ABC's, and read their first word even at the age of 8 the look of "AH-HA" is still there! I am so elated that I get to be a part of that. Third, I've learned that the more time I spend with my kids, the more I want them around! I used to be so grateful for (some) school days because I needed a break, but not so much anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still need my alone time, but my kids are pretty darn cool! I find myself really missing them when they're not around! I probably sound like some ridiculous actress, singer or sports athlete after winning some award when I say...I only have God to thank! But hey, when it's true, it's true!

Now as far as what Mr. Ethan has been learning. Well...I sure hope a lot! Although we haven't neglected our studies, I have really tried to focus my energies on rebuilding what had been torn down. We've really spent a lot of quality time together. Every morning we do a devotion and use scripture to practice our penmanship. We're currently reading Tom Sawyer and he is totally digging it! We've spent lots of time learning about the intricacies of our solar system and we even decided to plant a very small garden just so we could journal about it's growth. We try and get our busy work done in the mornings so we can have our afternoons free. Believe me, it's not fun and games every day, but it has been great getting to see what makes my son tick and what his passions are. There are still kinks that need to be worked out, but we're brainstorming these together : )

Ethan had some "busy work" to do and wanted to do it in the kitchen with me while I cooked! So sweet!

We decided to start small...not knowing if either of us had a "green thumb" or not.

Ethan was so proud of his work. He keeps waiting to see if a squirrel is going to try and chomp on one of his jalapeno pepper plants.


  1. So glad to hear it's all going well. You are so right in all that you say you've learned. Teaching is a TOUGH profession. I'm so excited to hear that you're going to be homeschooling Victoria, too! Can't wait to see how everything goes!

  2. Good for you for homeschooling Ashley! I would love to be able to do that for my kids, but I just don't have the patience. I'm glad that i get to be a SAHM 5 days a week though so I can work with them and spend time with them before dinner, bath, and bed.
    You've got a wonderful little family!



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