Saturday, May 8, 2010

Perfection? I Don't Think So.

This morning my family and I decided to load up and head to Atlanta for the day! We had big plans folks! Earlier in the week we made the decision to adopt a puppy and today was the day we were all set to pick up the newest member of our family! Along the way we ran into one of the coolest school supply stores I've ever seen! It was called The School Box. In fact, it looked so neat that we thought everyone should partake of it's goodness : ) That's right, we unloaded everyone and went inside together to check out what treasures this shop had to offer. It still makes me giddy just thinking about had EVERYTHING! My favorite part was that the clearance stuff was right up front! Plus, they were practically giving away good stuff! Seriously...did these people know what was in these clearance bins and what their "sticker prices" actually said!!?! After I picked my jaw up from the floor I continued on my pursuit to find good deals that will help with our school. I was looking at books for cursive writing and came across this one:

This was a great book to teach a child cursive and the price was definitely right. The problem was and still is the saying in the medium sized star at the top left-hand corner...Practice Makes Perfect. I'm not sure if anyone else would even give this a second thought, but my mind began to move a thousand times an hour. "What do they mean practice makes perfect?" "Those are forcing unreal expectations on children!" "Do they realize no one can be perfect at anything no matter how often they practice?" On and on the dialect went in my brain...almost to the point where I just had to walk away and take a deep breath. What was holding me back you might be asking? I'm ashamed to admit it...the price. After much deliberation I decided to keep the book and use this ridiculously unachievable saying as a "teachable moment" for my children. Number one...God's Word specifically tells us that perfection is unobtainable. The only perfect person was Jesus Christ. Number two (how can I even follow #1 up with a #2) a better slogan for our family to have might be Practice Makes Progress. That, to me, sounds more obtainable...don't you think?

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  1. Another dog?? Wow you are brave girl! :)

    I never really thought about it but you definitely brought up a good point. Perfection can never be attained. So maybe it should be, "practice makes for better work!"



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