Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Chocolate Touch

The children and I read the book The Chocolate Touch back in May. It was a super cute book...a modern day version of King Midas and the Golden Touch. The children and I loved the book and breezed right through it!

Shortly after finishing our book, Miss Addeline Roy aka Curious George found an old paint can in our pantry. How she managed to get it open will remain a mystery. However, this is what we found...

You can tell by the piggies who was the ringleader!
We determined that she indeed appears to possess her very own chocolate touch...even if it does come in the form of paint!

You can see the puddle of "chocolate" in the upper left-hand corner and what appear to be dance steps everywhere else. Even as I am revisiting these moments, I'm thinking 'Wow, I can't believe how calm I was!' Things like this would normally cause me to become unglued! Strangely, I wasn't, I found the entire situation hilarious!!! Probably since it never made it to the carpet...and since we had JUST finished reading our book!

I had to document it all!

Thank goodness for my very helpful clean-up crew! I just love these guys. xoxox


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  2. I was recomended to your blog through Kathryn Sneed. I am very new to blogging :) I have to tell you I really enjoy reading your blog. Alot of really encouraging things and your children and the stories you write about them are so adorable. Thanks for sharing :)



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