Friday, August 13, 2010

Is It Really Just Another Year?

Are you kidding me?! There's no way this has just been another year! Yes, I'm not 30 anymore...I'm IN my 30's. For months I have been dreading this day for that very reason, but not anymore. It's true that I'm another year older, but I am so much the wiser. What deep hidden secrets have I uncovered you may be wondering? Even if you're not, I'm going to share.

1) God always listens. Even when you tell Him you need some space. He won't push, but He'll be waiting for you when you're ready for Him.

2) Husbands/significant others...there's no guarantee they'll love you back. So when you find that one person who knows the good, bad and ugly side of you and not only loves you anyway but continues to try and better themselves each and every day to make your life them with everything in your being.

3) Families can truly drive you nuts but without them and all the craziness we wouldn't be who we are today. Whether we come from good stable backgrounds or shaky ones, there comes a time when we need to embrace ourselves for who we are right now.

4) Having 5 children is the hardest job I can ever imagine having. The fussing, the fighting, the chores, the endless repeating of myself...ugh. Having 5 children is my greatest accomplishment and my daily reward...the endless kisses, the artwork, the compliments, the constant love, the smiles, the thank you's, the hugs, the looks on their faces when they first wake up in the morning, the look of relief when I kiss their boo-boos. I don't know what I did to deserve such wonderful children, but I am so grateful for both sides of the coin.

5) Best friends can carry no price tag. You know some people have tons of friends and that seems to make them happy. Then other people have zero friends and they seem to be fine. As for me, I have one...she's my sister from another mister...whatever name fits the moment. At one time I thought something was wrong with me, but there's not. I think I'm blessed beyond measure that I found one girlfriend that can finish my sentences for me and that both of us would do anything for each other.

6) It's perfectly all right to say no. It's not only okay, but it a) it feels pretty darn good and b) provides you with a reality check. Meaning, you really find out who your friends are. I have lived my life under the assumption that if you said no to people you would lose "friendships" and disappoint people. Not once did I consider what not saying not was doing to me (stressing me out, causing me to lose sleep and have panic attacks). At the ripe old age of 31 I've decided to take back control of my life because like I said, saying no is not a bad thing.

7) Having boundaries in all relationships is important. Again, for me, I think I've had a stigma that if there were any boundaries I was being shut out or shutting others out...boy was I wrong. Boundaries are the only healthy way to protect yourself from being hurt, hurting others and/or taken advantage of. Kids need them with their parents otherwise they're privy to information that isn't any of their business. Families need them for the same reason. Boundaries are actually a beautiful thing!

8) Secrets will eat you up from the inside out. It's so important to be true to yourself and that requires honesty. Admitting that your angry. Admitting that you're hurt. That's something I'm still working on because it's tough...but necessary.

9) Everyone is good at something. Sometimes we may feel like nothing we do is right or nothing we do is good enough, but that's just our minds playing tricks on us. I'm not even joking. Our brains are funny things that are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. The trick is catching the negative thoughts before we start wholeheartedly believing them. Because like I said, we are all good at something...actually MANY things...find them!!!

10) Bipolar...I have it... it's not a personal thing. I don't always like it, but it's one of the things God has given me. I'm thankful for it because it helps make me who I am.

Another year older and a tad bit wiser...let's see what this year shall hold = )


  1. You are beautiful little girl, inside and out. I love you.

  2. wow lady you are too beautiful! Love that pic! :)

    Great post, I love all the things you have learned they are definitely some important truths!



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