Sunday, August 8, 2010

Royfam7's East Coast Roadshow

Well guys, the roadshow is now officially in full effect. It started Friday when we took this show on the road and made our first stop in Charleston, South Carolina. I suppose it is noteworthy for you to know that our final destination is Meredith, New Hampshire. Anyhow, we had to stop in S.C. to drop off our precious Scrappy with my parents and so that Victoria and me could get our hair done. I know it doesn't sound important to most, but it had been like 10 months people!!! We were just about to emergency status! Anyhow, we relaxed the rest of the day because
Saturday was a big one for us. We had to be up and on the road at 5:30am. Thankfully I have a very punctual husband and yes we made it out the door on time and into Williamsburg, Virginia around 2pm. We checked into our hotel room and allowed the babies to take a nap while the big kids went swimming with Mike. It would be at this point that I need to mention that my husband did a fantastic job of orchestrating this entire trip...right down to his flexibility! I'm so proud of him! Of course things can't stay flawless and we did hit some snags in the road, but it
wasn't a big deal. We decided to treat ourselves to a ridiculously nice dinner and hit the sack early. first indication of foreseeable troubles came when Mike walked in from running only to find all 6 of us still snuggled up in the beds. (uh oh...his look said it all) I hopped up and got busy. For no other reason than we had a plan and I deviated. We were wanting to be
out the door and at the live museum by 9 and it was already after way was that happening. Thankfully, it took me no time to get everyone up and moving. Problem #2 my children had more than made themselves at home even with the few items they had brought. It was a tad crazy getting them moving in the right direction while maintaining the right attitude. Finally we decided it would be best if the biggest kids went and ate breakfast with Mike while I finished getting dressed and took care of the last minute things. That would have worked out perfectly EXCEPT they stopped serving breakfast at 9am. Seriously? Who does that? So, all my kids ate dry cereal for breakfast...some were thankful and some were not. Guess which were which. Finally we made it to the live museum. I should also mention that I have wanted to take my children here even before I had children! To learn about history through "living" it...really cool! Anyhow, so we make it and then find out that there's a military promotion going on so we all get in totally free (yippee!!) Then Problem #3 hits with full force. As soon as two certain precious little bottoms are placed in their strollers they go berzerkers! Thankfully Mike and I are both accustomed to dealing with temper tantrums and we both know there are expiration dates on everything...even temper tantrums. So we just ignored the babies and smiles at those that gawked at us as we walked by and eventually they stopped.

Of course, knowing all of this still didn't leave us feeling any less trapped.

It's a good thing we had such wonderful young men and women to brighten our day!

And this little lady sure was good with a weapon.

I think together they make something like the 3 Musketeers or maybe even the Incredibles...because they are incredible!

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