Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day!

Yesterday was Christian's Grandparents Day Celebration. Since once set of Grandparents live in New Hampshire and the other set had just returned from a lengthy trip to Kentucky I was the lucky stand in "Grandparent". And boy do I mean lucky! The ear to ear smiles on this little guys face were priceless from the time he saw me to the time he sat to eat his snack with me. He was just so happy I was there. I made sure he knew I was entirely too young to be a Grandparent yet and he thought that was hilarious. = ) The following pictures are snapshots that I took before and while he was singing. They're not that good because I had to do some heavy duty zooming! However you definitely get the point that it's not just his lips that are smiling!

Then, as tradition has it they fill out a paper all about their Grandparent. Last year he chose to do Mike's Mom and Dad. This year, he chose to do my parents. These papers are priceless! So of course I had to take a picture so we'll have them forever!! What is it they say...a picture lasts a lifetime? Maybe that's not it...but it works for me!
Man Gam, you are smoking hot...even with those glasses!
Poppy, I think you may need to add some length to those shorts, but otherwise you've got a good thing going there! = )

I was/am so proud of my youngest son. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does...whether it's his video games! He loves life and lives it to the fullest! I just love that little boy. I am so blessed to be his Mommy.


  1. Awww too cute! I am so glad you got to go! :)

  2. Oh that little guy is so precious. I will always treasure these pictures Ashley. Thanks for taking them.



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