Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tragedy Has Struck

This is our sweet little puppy, Lily-Bug Roy. She's 6 months old and the fastest dog we've ever seen...Mike reminds us all of this every day. We all love her so very much. She has been the greatest puppy any family could ask for. She took no time at all to potty train, kennel train and as quickly as she won her way into our hearts she won her way into our beds. Her nickname Lily-Bug came from the fact that she's such a snuggle bug. It never mattered how tightly Mike would hold me, she would find a way to wiggle between us. Simply precious.

I came home today only to find a message on my answering machine from my termite company saying that Lily had jumped and gone crazy at seeing the termite man on the porch. (That's perfectly normal, considering she's just coming into her own and realizing that her job is to protect the family) The next statement came as a complete shock... "somehow your dog got herself hung on the screen door and by the time Eric could get to her it was too late." I dropped my soup can and ran to the back door. She looked as though she were just sleeping. Banging on the door I realized my precious pup had indeed passed.

I went outside to sit with her while I called Mike, knowing he would be devastated. He was. We decided it was best to bury her before we told the spare them the sight of her lifeless body. Since we didn't know exactly what happened we stuck with that when hammered with questions. The kids were crushed. Tears were flowing and and hugs were flying. Needless to say it has been a very emotional day for our family. We have decided to all take the day off tomorrow. We can all be thankful that, although Lily was only with us for a short time, God's plan is perfect and although we don't see it now...we can trust in Him.

The day we got our sweet baby.

Our baby just about to fall asleep.


  1. I am so sorry Ashley! I can feel your pain. Yesterday my childhood dog passed away after a wonderful 13 years. It is amazing how such small little animals can add so much to families.
    Hugs to you and yours!

  2. We will all miss Lily Bug; it still seems surreal about what happened.



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