Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roy Family Firsts

Holy cow it's been a busy few days for us!  Every one of our children have experienced something for the first time and boy it's been exciting!  Victoria went to her very first overnight field trip to Huntsville, Alabama.  She, along with her Focus class, visited Space Camp.  I must admit I was very reluctant to let my oldest baby go, but was persuaded by her sweet smile and words of readiness.  Just as I was promised, she did great!  She slept on the top bunk and promised me she didn't stay up too late.  The children were busy, busy...but still found some time to play in  the beautiful white snow that fell.  I'm glad we were able to give her the opportunity to experience being away from home...having some independence and getting a break from our crazy household.  However, under no circumstance am I allowing this to become a normal thing.  I missed her entirely too much!

  Ethan adopted his very first pet...a bearded dragon.  At first, I was very reluctant.  The thought of having a reptile of any sort in my house gave me the creeps.  However, after a field trip to the pet store and an introduction to who has now become "Rex", I caved.  The little guy is great!  These lizards are the most docile ones of the bunch and they're even trainable.  You can teach them how to wave and  walk on a leash.  It's still grosses me out to have to feed him live crickets and the thought of him getting loose terrifies me...but putting all that aside the smile on Ethan's face puts my mind at ease.  He truly loves his new friend and is doing an amazing job at taking care of him.   
Christian had his very first sleepover at someones house other than my very best friend, Amy.  It was tough letting him go and entrusting someone else to take care of him.  We know the family and felt they would be on top of things.  So, after his basketball game, cleaning his room and a very long packing process we took him over to Sam's house.  The excitement was hilarious!  If he was older it would have been equal to him getting his first car.  I was never uncertain that he would make it through the night though.  He's a very brave boy with a determined heart.  After picking him up the next day, despite how tired and cranky he was, I realize my baby is growing up.

  Addeline is growing and changing daily!  Although she's a little mischievous, she is smart as a whip!  We've conquered potty training, our colors and animal sounds.  Yesterday, after watching and listening to the little ones playing, I heard her counting out her blocks.  We've been working with both girls on their numbers, but I was floored when I heard her make it to 14!  That was a first and an extremely proud moment for me!  Her face was beaming as I cheered and told her how proud I was of her.  It seems just like yesterday that was cuddling with my newborn baby girl.
Kaitlyn Elizabeth has made my day!  Up until yesterday she was my last child in diapers.  However, it seems as though she just woke up and decided she didn't want to wear them anymore.  Yesterday was her first morning going pee pee in the potty.  Not only did she go, but she wore panties all morning long!  I think my little girl decided she wanted to keep up with Addeline, who has been trained since she turned 2.  I'm so excited at the prospect of being out of diapers, BUT it's another reminder that my last baby is growing up.

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  1. They are growing up way too fast. Gam needs to take more pictures to scrapbook so we can document these moments.



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