Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Have you ever wondered...why is it that the harder you try and think of something to write about the harder it is to think of anything at all.  I've wanted to post a new blog for days, but I keep waiting for something profound to happen that will inspire me.  I'm thinking...I should probably not hold my breath while waiting for that "lightning bolt" moment.   So here goes nothing.

Recently we took a short trip to Florida to visit Mike's Dad and his wife.  They live on the coast of Florida so we had planned to go to the beach, boating and to the Kennedy Space Center.  Not only did we do all those things, but we also went to Disney and had a date night!  What was going to be a low-key visit turned into a daily adventure...in a great way.  The kids had a wonderful time with Grampy and Nana and we did too.  We can't wait to get back there!

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  1. Ok honey, point me to the "picture" website...these are precious.



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