Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Livin The Dream

  So...my two oldest boys just got home from a trip of a lifetime!  Yep, they spent five days in Greensboro, North Carolina watching NOTHING but basketball.  March Madness has become one of our favorite times of year.  We all participate in creating brackets.  We all watch as many games as possible and we have as many Royfam 7 "parties" as possible.  Our parties consist only of our family and always include of our favorite yummy party foods.  Basically it's a time to celebrate good times of family fun.  Watching college basketball brings me back to when I used to watch Mike play at the Citadel.  It reminds me of the butterflies I got when I saw him run onto the court.  Those were such special times for both of us; those memories still tickle my tummy!  However it's not all about me : )  It's also about my children.  I think the time spent together as a family is creating memories they will carry with them forever.  Ethan will always remember this long weekend he spent with his Dad.  They will ALL remember our traditions we've created with March Madness.  I thank God for our family and for the bond we have to one another. 

The Blue Devils in their huddle before taking the court.

Ethan was lucky enough to be able to slap fives with the entire Duke team!
Mike and Ethan during the game.  I love, love, love this picture!

We're BIG fans of Coach K...he has so much class.
Let's go Duke!  Let's go Duke!

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  1. Yes darlin', Royfam7 is a party all on its own. Enjoy making these wonderful memories.



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