Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ethan Michael Roy

Ethan just loves life.  The best example is when he was 2.  He woke woke up from a nap, thankfully Mike and I happened to be outside of his bedroom, and that handsome little boy shouted, "Yes! I wake up!"  Truly that is how he has approached life ever since!

This boy is skilled in the art of detail!  He can spend a couple of hours putting a lego ship together without skipping a beat.  If one piece is moved by a better believe he'll know!  He comes home from school to inspect the shelves in his room.  If a little one has been in there and moves one little thing, he'll know.  I think it's fantastic that he pays attention to such small details!  Often it's the little things that get overlooked in life.
As his Mother, I can confidently say that my son is wonderful.  He's a great big & little brother; a great student, athlete, friend and example to others.  Now he, on the other hand, would never say such a thing...probably a good thing.  Ethan is so very humble.  If anyone ever compliments him he'll reply with a small thank you.  He's never boastful on his abilities, even if he knows he's done well.  That's such a good quality to have.
He started talking at a young age and has done a good job of speaking his mind ever since.  Although he has a very sweet and mild way of asking questions he is very clear when trying to get his point across.  That, to me, is a skill. 
There's just something about him...he inspires me to be a better me.

May your father and mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice!

Something happened on the upload with these pictures...the colors are off : (

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