Friday, November 4, 2011

Never Quit

When the decision was made for Ethan to participate in tackle football, to say I was not on-board would be an understatement.  When I looked at my Ethan, I saw a small, thin, fragile boy not ready to be pushed around and possibly crushed by the much larger boys I saw running on the field.  The thought terrified me and yet I knew it was time.  Mike had allowed me to direct their sports routines for long enough.  I needed to step aside and allow him to lead our boy.  So, I did.  He signed him up for the Westside Warriors.  We still kept him in a church was just a 'keeping score and tackling' church league!

I didn't attend the first couple of practices, because I was terrified of what I may see.  I didn't want to get angry if I saw Ethan on the bottom of a pile up or if I saw some sort of illegal move.  I basically let Mike take the lead.  Of course, the day came when Mike was unable to take Ethan to practice, so I loaded everyone up and headed to the church.  Boy oh boy was I in for a surprise.  Not only was Ethan not the fragile little boy I thought he was, but I never even took into account how quick he is!  My little guy can run!  I found myself shouting; "Block him!"  "Get him!"  "Take him down!!!"  I was so excited and yet shocked at the same time.  Was this really the same boy that would sometimes get teary because his sisters would "break into his room"; The same little boy who gets teary when his little brother wears his socks!?!  Yes, it was.  Not only was he juking and jiving his way around these other kids on offense, but he was pushing and taking down these 80-90 pound boys on defense!  I was swelling with pride watching my son get so physical with these kids...not even worrying about the pushing and shoving that I was witnessing!  It was amazing to see Ethan toughening up before my very eyes.  My once little boy was becoming a young man. 

Ethan was thrilled that I actually got up the nerve to watch an entire practice.  I told him how proud I was of him and how tough he was!  Believe me, he came home with his share of bumps and bruises, but he never quit.  The team made it to the playoffs undefeated.  The game was definitely a nail-biter as it was the toughest of the season.  However, our boys pushed through the pain, gave it their all and came out with a victory!
One of the many team banners
Ethan getting low and taking an opponent down.
He was an animal on defense!
They are now champions!

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  1. This totally makes me tear up because I know exactly how you feel. It was hard to think of him old enough to play such a rough game, but I too, swelled with pride, when I saw how tough and fast he was. Or maybe, it was because I saw him growing before my eyes.



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