Saturday, October 29, 2011

Costume Cuteness

The little ones had their first fall party at school on Friday.  Although they've dressed up for two other Halloween's, this is the first one they actually got excited about.  There's something magical about this age!  I knew they wanted to be "Booty and the Beast" and "Cinnerella", but I purposely kept their costumes from them.  I knew if they had them #1 they would wear them everyday and #2 they would prematurely get worn out.  So when I pulled them out of the box yesterday morning...let's just say the neighbors could probably hear their screams of joy.  
Kaitlyn admiring her button.
Addeline proudly displaying hers.
They haven't been this excited about going to school since the first day!

The little ones livin' it up with their classmates!
Chowing down on Mommy's pumpkin patch cupcakes...which were a big hit!

They were so cute with their goody bags.  This was the first time they had ever gotten one and were enamored by all the gifts!

Of course they tasted EvErYtHiNg!!!

Happy Halloween!



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