Friday, December 23, 2011

Unwrapping Christmas

Christmas is only days away and my children are waiting ever so patiently to find out just what exactly is underneath our Christmas tree.  They've written their letters to Santa all pleading their case as to how good they've been and all asking so very politely for a few new things.  Our home is all lit up with Christmas lights and adorned with homemade ornaments and decorations.  In fact, if you didn't know better, you would think Santa himself had crafted some of these handmade items around our house.  My children take such pride in the things they bring home from school to surprise us with on Christmas morning.  They spend so much time wrapping their gifts just to see the light in our eyes as we eagerly unwrap them to see what precious present is tucked away.  The anticipation.  The wonder.  The excitement.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year; the lights, the music, the smiles, the baking, the crafts!  It's so easy to become consumed with it all, that the real message is forgotten.  Sure, most of us know that this is the time we celebrate the birth of our King, but do we really grasp what that meant for us all those years ago?  Just as impatiently as our children wait for their presents, a world waited for theirs.  Finally, when our gift was born He was tucked away in a manger.  When the wise men came, just imagine the wonder and excitement in their eyes as Mary eagerly unwrapped her precious baby, that she had no doubt meticulously bundled, to show the most priceless gift this world would ever know. 

Is it wrong to enjoy all the presents we're given from those we love?  No, it's not.  However, we can't forget the presence of the One who was born to give his all for us.  We simply can't forget the very first gift of Christmas that was unwrapped all those years ago.

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