Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mom's First Day Jitters

Why oh why oh why?  Between all of my children, I've been through 27 first days of school and yet I still find myself with the first day jitters.  Will they like their teacher?  Will they make new friends?  Will they have fun?  It has becomes more than obvious in recent weeks that my once "babies" are no more.  I now have 2 little girls.  They walk with a new pep in their step; they speak their minds and more often than not march to the beat of their own drums.  If I had any doubts about their up and coming independence, it was squashed as the girls marched into their new classroom to greet their new teachers and peers.  Just as it has been for many years before, this year was no different.  The girls had a great time and fit right in.  Goodness.  If I could only slow down time.
Wouldn't you just love to know what Miss Addeline is thinking about right now.
Kaitlyn Elizabeth
Addeline Grace

Addie Pie went right in and started playing, in true Addie fashion!
It took Miss "KK" a little longer.  She's a little slow-to-warm, but once she does, watch out!

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