Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Countdown

It was the day he'd been waiting for.  The day he'd been counting down toward since last year.  August 29th was finally upon us.... Ethan Michael Roy woke up as an 11 year old.  He had his traditional breakfast in bed, which consisted of waffles with sprinkles, while being surrounded by his family singing happy birthday.  Unfortunately his special day fell on a school day, BUT it did give him something to look forward to and daydream about all day.  Yes, he actually had my permission to let his mind wander to what the house would look like when he got home; what type of cake would he dive into and the most exciting part...what gems lay beneath that wrapping paper. be 11 again.  He had already decided he wanted to go to Stevi-B's for dinner.  Being that is an all you can eat pizza joint and pizza is his favorite food, it was a winner!  Plus, the price is right, wink, wink!

When 2:55 rolled around, he came running through the front door at warp speed and was confronted with a table full of goodies and lots of smiling faces!  Unfortunately for him, as tradition dictates, we had to wait for Daddy to come home and we had to eat dinner first.  Thankful that dinner was at a hot-spot for him, it worked out perfectly.  

It's a good think this kiddo doesn't have to worry about calories!  Talk about carb overload.
The girls got to play some games and of course chose candy as their prizes.
Nothin but net for these guys.
 Princess Addie Pie got Edogg some shoes for his birthday.  All kinds of shoes!
He was so sweet to her.  He's such a great big brother.
 He was thrilled over this hunormous model airplane.
 This automatic air soft gun was pretty popular too!
I'd say we had a pretty happy 11 year old...
my favorite 11 year old, in face. ; )

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