Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daddy's Birthday Party

With an impending deployment day quickly approaching, the children and I decided to make this birthday especially exciting for Daddy!  Every year he puts in so many hours to make sure "my" days are extra special.  "My" days being Mother's Day, our anniversary, and my birthday...and that's not even taking into account his "just because" days.  Yes, I married a pretty remarkable man.  I digress.
I decided that I wanted this birthday celebration to be more special and pack more of a punch, so to speak, than any of the others.  You see, we won't be able to take a family vacation this year due to circumstances beyond our control, so I really wanted to make it special.
It all started with our patriotic theme and the decorations.  A big thank you goes to Victoria for putting it all together as I was running around trying to get things ready for dinner.  She did a beautiful job, with the help of the little always : )
Daddy walked in to a newly decorated kitchen that was running over with love from his 5 beautiful children who had been not-so-patiently awaiting his arrival home from work.

We decided it would be best to reveal our big plan in pieces.  You know, give him the opportunity to put things together, if you will.  But first, the kids gifts that they had so patiently and thoughtfully put together.

Victoria picked out a "singing mustache" card, of course, and a white board for his brand new office.  This way it will help him remember important things ; )
Ethan picked him out a basket full of hard candies to take on his long flights during his deployments.  It is our understanding that not only are they long, but at times they can be quite dull. 
Christian, knowing his Dad so well, picked out the hottest candy ever and even got him a water bottle to cool his scorching tongue when he was finished.  See what I mean?  Simply thoughtful.
Next, we decided to put our plan into action, by wrapping up little hints about our trip.  Thus, giving him the opportunity to put the pieces together for himself.  Secretly, I knew he never would!  hehehe!
Sunscreen was his first clue.
"Band Aides and Neosporin?"
"Baby Wipes...gee thanks Ash."
"Traveling kit with Gold Bond.  Awesome.  We must be going camping."
"Look.  I don't wear water shoes.  I will wear flops, but no water shoes."

His final gift was a folder containing all the information about the rustic place we were staying and the crazy Chattooga River we would be rafting down!  My husband likes adventure, so that's what he was going to get! 
The infamous banana cake which was decorated by Victoria. 
Happy Birthday Mike! I hope this was a memorable one!

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