Monday, May 20, 2013

Back In The Saddle!

So many things have happened in recent months!  Where have I been?  What in the world have I been doing other than not documenting these most precious moments in our lives?!  That is a very good that I wish so very desperately that I had an appropriate answer for.  I am hoping that as this school year winds down (only one week left), I will indeed have more time to devote to my journaling.  Scratch that.  I will devote more time to my journaling.

Because I've made no mistake letting it be known that there is never a dull moment in our home, I am just going to start filling in some of the blanks since my last post in February. (!!!!) 

Being that Victoria is now a 7th grader, they are required to participate in the science fair after coming up with an idea and constructing their own project.  Rather than proposing a question, conducting an experiment to try and prove/disprove a theory, Victoria decided she wanted to create her very own working waterwheel.  Whew.  Thankfully, Daddy loves these types of challenges and the two set to work.

 There was lots of sanding,
 and posing for a quick picture.
 Here is the final construction.  Now, to make sure it spins smoothly and on its own.
 It did spin, but very slowly at first.
 The two decided it needed more "buckets".
 After the buckets were added, final nails were in place and the paint was dry, we were ready.
Let the competition begin!
Um, I did mention that she was competing against 750 other students in our region?
After many hours of work and lots of trial and error the two reached their goal of successfully creating a working waterwheel!!  I must say it was pretty amazing.  Victoria brought home the first place ribbon in her category of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.  We are very hopeful to next year be able to build on this project and perhaps produce electricity???  Hey...determination is the key to all things!

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