Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Life...Right Now.

Time and a season?
So that means that this chaos should pass, right?  Let's hope so, because what you are about to see is appearing to be my new normal.
After an adventure filled mini-vacation that encompassed (almost) everything about the holidays, THIS is what I am looking at this fine Tuesday afternoon.

The suitcases are still packed with dirty clothes.

Homework still has to be done.  No more, "we can finish this tomorrow."

All our Christmas decorations have been pulled down from the attic.
None of us want to decorate without our main man.

One would hope we would all work together to keep things neat and tidy.
Apparently the rules do not apply to bedrooms.

This family of mine has to eat.  I can only get away with "fin-for-yourself" 
nights for so long.

And so we push forward, attempting to get this beautiful life of chaos back under control.
Ha!  As if things are ever under control!
Happy Wednesday!

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