Friday, March 12, 2010

My Very Own Commerical

Tank of gas to fill up my truck $40

Cost of tow truck to tow my broken down truck back home $230

Cost of gas to fill up my van $40

Cost of a wonderful husband who will drop what he's doing to rescue me, clean up our unused vehicle so I can still leave town AND take care of everything while I'm away for 6 full days:

Mastercard ain't got nothin on us!!!


  1. I did one of those myself a few months back!! I will have to go back on my blogs and send it to you!! I actually emailed Mastercard my idea!! =]

  2. Here's what I wrote: =]

    MasterCards' new campaign should be saluting the troops and their families...
    Day away from the kids at the spa, $100 dollars. Paying the kid down the street to mow the lawn, $20 dollars. Sending care packages to your soldier husband, $200 dollars. Watching your children talk to their Daddy on the Internet, PRICELESS. And for everything else, there's MasterCard!!

  3. Oh that's super cute! Did they love your idea!?! I didn't know to laugh or cry when all this was happening! I just kept thinking...all I want is some time to myself...sniff...sniff!! Thankfully it worked out : )



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