Friday, May 14, 2010

Field Day's for #'s 1, 2 and 3

Field Day...we have such a love hate thing going on. While I love seeing the sweet smiles on my children's faces as they compete in various events and I love watching them interact with their friends, I hate feeling the sweat bead on my forehead and then...drip. YUCK! I hate packing the bags making sure I forget nothing...because you never know when someone might forget their sunscreen, drink, snack or $ to buy anything previously listed. However, after I get passed all the grunt work (and the afternoon shower) I realize I really do love field day! I remember how excited I was as a child knowing that 'this day was a full day of play!' Let's face it, don't we as adults wish we could have a day of play? That's what I thought...but until then, I'm going to wipe my sweat away and live vicariously through my little ones. What a blessing they are!
My only close up of Tori and the sun was in her eyes. She's still such a doll!

The shirt-signing is a super fun tradition. I don't remember partaking of anything THIS cool!
As you can see, my gal takes her job very seriously! = )
Here's my sweet boy with one of his good buddies!

We had already bought a yearbook, so Ethan went around visiting his peeps and getting them to sign his book.
He also had lots of friends come up and asking him to sign their shirts! The smile on his face was priceless.
This was Christian's very first field day and can you guess the theme?
Yep! A cowboy/girl round up! Yee-haw! I've never seen a child race and pose at the same time!
Can't you just see the wheels turning...focus...focus...focus.
**For the record, despite all my efforts not to forget anything...I forgot tons! Thankfully we all survived = )

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