Friday, October 7, 2011

All In A Days Work.

Addeline dumped my potting soil then smacked her brother on the head with my metal trowel.  Ethan close lined his brother in the front yard knocking him flat on his back.  My best friend rescued my youngest daughter only moments before she rode her "horsey" into the road.  My oldest daughter hid in a suitcase for so long the kiddos were marching around the house shouting "We give up!  Come out!" for what seemed like ages.

I realize how strange...perhaps unsafe this all sounds.  I agree.  I hesitate to say it, but moments like these could happen to me at any given time on any given day.  However, they usually don't happen all on the SAME day...within the SAME half hour of one another.

I am here to confess...situations like these are all in a days work in our household. 


  1. Ok....I am cracking up right now....partly because I got to witness most of it!

  2. are lucky enough to witness MOST of my craziest moments and I am so glad to have you there to keep me smiling throughout! : )



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