Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Never Too Early

Friday was a big day for Addeline and Kaitlyn!  The Warner Robins Fire Department came to visit their school.  Unfortunately "the big red truck" got there early, so I missed seeing their cute little expressions experience that for the first time...sniff...sniff.  I am thankful, though, I was able to look on while the fireman explained in childlike detail what to do in the event of a fire.  Surprisingly enough it kept their attention.  In fact, they even participated!
Kaitlyn was a big fan of the stop, drop and roll!  She took it very seriously; even covering her eyes!  Obviously you can see Addie Pie just hanging out watching.  I wonder what she's thinking about.
Apparently the "crawling to safety" sparked her interest, because she was crawling all over the place! 
So was Kaitlyn.
At the end, all the children got cute little fireman hats and a small goody bag to take home. 
The gentleman did a really fantastic job!
Can you tell Miss Addie really didn't want me to snap another picture?

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  1. I just love them....they are getting so big! They look so happy at school!



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