Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh, to be a fly on my wall.

My rice is boiling over...turn down the heat.
My son is loudly emptying the dishwasher. 
Someone is at the door. 
"Ethan!  Could you answer the door please!" I shout.
My daughter is tooting her clarinet to the tune of When The Saints Go Marching In only feet away from me.
"Ethan!  PLEASE, get the door!" I shout again.
My dog is barking ferociously at a passerby.
"Scrappy, go to your room!" I'm...still...shou-ting.
The little girls are tumbling in the living room.
"Mommy, watch me!  Watch me!"
I am in the middle of a versus the Miracle Whip.
The Miracle Whip won; splattering mayonnaise everywhere.
Oooh, my meat is about to burn...quick, quick, quick!!

Oh to be a fly on my wall....

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