Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where does one begin?

School has been back in session for exactly two days.  This has been the second morning that I have woken up with a strange nagging sensation and for the life of me I couldn't quite figure out what it was.  Then after messing around on my computer for a little while, it dawned on me...I have not blogged for almost 8 months!  Prior to January my routine had been to rise before the children, read my Bible, blog, and then start my day.  Sadly, as of late, I have struggled to get out of bed before they do, let alone any of my other parts of my "normal" routine.  So many things have transpired since January, it would be impossible to tackle them all at once.  However, there have been many challenges, triumphs and ongoing hurdles that deserve proper attention.  I would love nothing more than to "catch up!"

 So where do I go from here?  Where do I even begin?  Well, I suppose rather than spending any more time dwelling on the disappointment I feel for my lack of diligence, I'm just going to start anew!  Beginning with this new school year.

 Victoria Lynn is headed into the 7th grade.
 Ethan Michael is happy to be a 5th grader.
 Christian Joseph is a proud 2nd grader.
.    I sure do love my "big" kids!

Here's to a new year and in many ways, getting back on track!

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  1. Yeah Ashley!!! To new beginnings!!! I'm not ready to wake up early for school either!!!! It might be harder on ME than my kids to get back into the routine!!!



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