Friday, April 18, 2014

A Lesson Within A Lesson

"I want this Easter to be different." 

I can only imagine how perplexed my face must have looked as my 9 year old began our nightly "tuck-in-talk" with that statement.  He was so matter of sure. 
"Do you remember last year when I got so frustrated because I couldn't get my Lego pieces to fit together?  I wanted that to work so bad because, you know, it was cool.  I think I was so excited to have those Legos that I didn't even think about why I was really celebrating Easter.  This year I think we should read a devotion before we get too into everything fun."
Again, I just sat there looking into that sincere face.  I hugged him and we shared some very special time together.  After I left his room to go and finish up for the night my heart was soaring.  It is and has been our prayer from the beginning that our children would seek, no, that they would crave God's word.  We have prayed for our children to be surrounded by Godly role models, friends, and that WE, as parents, would exhibit the behavior that we would want them to mimic.  Hearing my little boy want to know more and keep things in perspective just did something to me.  For a time I felt proud.  I felt that we were doing the right things.  We were setting him up for success.  I was thankful we had found an amazing church that surrounded us with love and such sound Godly teaching.  Before I even realized it, I was taking credit for my son's faith.  Yes, perhaps we are planting the seeds and are blessed to watch them grow.  But God is the one who has led us to make the decisions we have made.  It has been through prayer and  his infinite wisdom that has brought my son to where he is today.
After shaking my head at how quickly I had gone off track, I once again thought about my son.
"I want this Easter to be different."
How can I make this Easter different?  How can I incorporate EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY??  I want it to be fun.  I love all the crafts and activities.  Hmmm.  Different...different...different.
And I realized at that moment, in trying to find ways to make this Easter different, I was once again caught up in the glamor of it all.  I was thinking about glitter, stickers, breakfast, and how to tie it all in with Jesus.  Shameful.  Jesus is not the "tie in" to Easter.  Jesus is Easter.  He is why we celebrate.  His sacrifice is what bridges our way into Heaven and his resurrection fulfilled his promise.  THAT is why we celebrate Easter.
Yes, my sweet child.  This Easter will be different.  It will be different indeed.   

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