Tuesday, April 29, 2014

57 in a 35

Everything had started off so pleasantly.  Everyone had gotten up, dressed, and loaded in the car without a grouchy look being passed.  Ahhh...so nice.  We were actually going to be early and in this house being on time is amazing, but early?  Well, that is just almost unheard of.  So imagine our surprise when we were suddenly aware of blue lights flashing behind us.


First the gentleman giggles and hands me a coffee cup that had been left on my bumper from the day before.  (That's a good sign...he has a sense of humor.  I'm even okay that he's laughing at me, not with me.)  Then he proceeds to ask me where I'm headed.  Sheepishly I answered, "church."  As it turns out, not only was I the crazy the lady with the coffee cup, but apparently I was also attempting to take flight.

57 in a 35 mph zone. 

Thankfully, the kind officer helped me out and marked my ticket down.  Honestly, a warning would have been quite nice, BUT...well, it just would have been nice.  The moment did allow for a lesson in consequences of breaking the rules.  The little girls were amazed (and scared) that Mommy's weren't allowed to get away with things.  Christian asked about me going to court and disputing the ticket. "What exactly does that mean, Mom?"  Again, another teachable moment.  As much as it hurt my teeth to say, knowing my fine is going to be a hefty one, I had to admit to really breaking the rules and that I have to tell the truth because that is what is right.  That is what God tells us to do and His way is the right way.

"Can we tell people we're late because you got a speeders ticket, Mommy?"

Uh Mike, I may have forgotten to tell you about my little incident on Sunday.
But I love you!

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  1. Sorry to snicker at your misery honey. It's just a funny story, wish it hadn't happened to you.



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