Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Too Cute To Let It Go

We are now heading into May and it is painfully obvious that the wonderful month of February has came and gone without any documentation.  I just can't let the year go by any further without proper posting of the most "lovable" month yet.

The little girls had quite a time!  It began in the beginning of February with a date with Daddy night sponsored by Chick Fil A.  Everyone got ALL fancied up and headed our for dinner and a carriage ride.  I wish I had pictures of them on the carriage.  Mike said their faces were priceless. 

Of course, we had to pull out the curlers!!

 Oh, and the nail polish.
My girl was thrilled about waiting her turn.


Good gracious I'm in love.

This just makes me giggle every time.

Next came Valentine's Day.  I say it after holiday and event, "next year I am going to start early on these."  Yet every year I am up late finishing up or in this case, starting.  Thankfully, I had a partner.  Having a daughter who loves this type of thing as much as I do is priceless. This lovely lady even stayed with me to help me deliver them the next day AND attend Valentine school parties.  Wait, does that make me a bad Mom or a good one?  Well, no matter, because either way my girl and I had such a good time together!
Then came this.  Sniff...sniff.  It was my daughter's last middle school Valentine's Dance and my son's first.  It really just makes my stomach do flips looking at how much they've grown.  Victoria is so beautiful and Ethan so handsome.  I pray their insides continue to match their outside appearance.

These guys have been besties for almost 12 years.
I simply love these kids.

Aaaaand for their next event the little girls, I mean my big girls, attended their Pre-K prom with their Daddy.  It was another opportunity for the three to get all decked out and show their stuff.
Like I said, this was a pretty lovable month for our family!!!

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