Friday, May 30, 2014

School's Out For Summer

Overall it's been a good school year.  Challenges were presented...accepted, and met.  Many accomplishments were made, and we all came out feeling good about them.  The word that comes to mind when I think back on the 2013-14 school year is "growth".  I think we all did a little growing.  The little girls had to adjust to their new roles as Pre-K students and the different schedules that entailed.  There were some rocky moments as first time obedience does not come naturally.  One of my little ones in particular was going to fight it to the end.  Sweet girl, she has quite the personality.  I can honestly say in total confidence they are ready for kindergarten.  It's going to be interesting, as we are going to split them up next year, but I know it will be the best for them both.


These glasses say it best!
Third grade began with some trepidation on my part.  I worried; I stressed and then I worried some more.  This is an important year; a pivotal one, you could say.  Christian needed to learn HOW to study and what way(s) worked best for him.  He need to learn how to be responsible for his things.  Up until this point, I would pretty much take care of gathering things in the morning and making sure homework was put where it needed to be and lunch was in his book bag.  By the end of the year, this guy had mastered getting his stuff together for the next day, laying out his clothes the night before, all the while bringing home all A's.  My guy is growing up!

This was right before Christian gave a very persuasive speech on why school bathrooms
need to be taken better care of.
"No more dirty words on the wall and for goodness sake, give people their privacy!"

Minute to Win It!

Christian and his best buddies.
Next comes 6th grade.  To date, I would have to say I believe 6th is one of the hardest years yet.  There's so much transition.  The work load is greater, then there's the desire to fit in, and of course with age comes a little more independence/freedom.  There have been more than one occasion where I've felt bad about the struggles.  The Honors schoolwork is much harder than elementary work and the teachers expect you to be able to do it, not just hope that you can.  I remember thinking with Victoria, they were asking too much, but now I understand that the teachers know how much these children, for the most part, can handle.  It's just that adjustment period that's tough.

This boy rocked it!  He brought home all A's yet another year. 
Eighth!  It seemed to me there is so much going on in those 13/14 year old minds at all times.  They want to figure out the how's and why's to everything and then they want to change it all...just because.  Watching Victoria through her middle school years has been something else.  Sometimes I just smile at her listening to her depth; then other times I think my eyes are going to pop right out of my head at the audacity.  She is a fabulous daughter, one of whom I couldn't ask any more of.  She loves the Lord, loves her family, and is following the dreams she has set for herself!  Next year is a biggie, but for now we'll celebrate completing middle school and getting to this point without ever getting anything but an A. 


Victoria competed in a band competition, although the name escapes me, and she brought home a first place in both her solo piece and in her duet performance.

 Miss. Sneaky, sneaky here also tried out for the elite band for the high school and made it!
She didn't want to tell me because 'she wasn't sure how she'd do'.  I am thankful for her humble heart, but goodness, I'm her #1 fan!  Silly girl.
I am confident there are bright skies ahead for my little ducklings, but I am also certain it will take more than just us, Mom and Dad, to see their lives blossom to their full potential.  I am learning that this story of our lives must include like-minded individuals; People who are on the same path of discovering God and who crave that all important relationship with him.  I am so thankful for our church, our Godly friends, and the people we have yet to meet.

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