Sunday, November 8, 2015

...And Then They Were Seven.

Every year brings with it a certain newness.  A plethora of firsts.  I've found myself a bit melancholy as of late thinking about days gone by.  I don't have babies anymore.  I still call them "my littles" because, well, they are my littles; my little miracles.  After having Christian and after several miscarriages I wasn't sure I would ever have another baby.  I am so thankful God had other plans.

First moments of life outside the womb.

First bites of a whole apple.               

First time climbing the stairs.

First time you held hands on purpose.

Your first birthday!

First time with finger paints!

First day of pre-k.

First candy apple!

First time getting down in the rare Georgia snow.

First field day.

First time climbing a tree and realizing that coming down is a lot harder than going up.

A glimpse of beauty in your carefree joy.

First time finding Gam's glasses.

First boo-boo from riding a bike without training wheels.

First time visiting a water park!

First time riding the bus.

First race!

First time taking swimming lessons.

First time seeing Disney on Ice.

...and then they were seven.

Happiest of Birthdays my sweet girls.

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