Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Precious "Present"

It has come to be a tradition of mine to write a post summarizing our year.  This time, the words just haven't come.  Although, there has been no lack of adventure and changes; I just feel at a loss.  Unfortunately, this has not been the easiest of years for our family.  It hurts to type those words, but it hurts even more to know they're true.  Given that, I had decided that I would just bypass this tradition, as I have many others this month.  About the time I made the decision to skip this year, I came across this gem.

"Though the rain comes in torrents and the flood waters rise and the winds beat against the house, 
it won't collapse because it is built on bedrock."
Matthew 7:25

Despite the trials we've faced, the foundation of our family is built on God's word.  No, that doesn't mean we're perfect.  No, that doesn't mean our foundation can't be shaken.  What it does mean is that because God is there we won't crumble.

With that in mind, I realized I don't have to look back.  I don't even have to look to the future.  I have permission to just appreciate the gift of the precious present...

which is a beautiful thing.

We spent Christmas in beautiful New Hampshire.  Our family has spent so much quality time together and made so many wonderful memories that we will talk about for years!!!  We've been with family we haven't seen in years, gone to our first NFL game, played in real snow, gone sledding, been to times square, and the 9-11 Memorial.  It feels like we're in a little world of our cozy, comfortable, and safe.


We cut down our own Christmas tree and decorated Grandma's living room!

We visited the 9/11 Memorial, Times Square, and even had an authentic New York style pizza!

We went to our very first NFL game and practically got to touch two of our favorite players...
Brady and Gronks!



 We experienced our first REAL snow and had our first sledding experience! 

With 2015 coming to an end, the greatest lesson I'll take with me is how amazing God's grace is.
He showered us with His grace and allowed us to have a beautiful Christmas and enjoy the "presence" of one another. So, here's to 2016!

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