Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm So In Love...

I love the smell of apple cinnamon candles.

I love the feel of clean sheets on my legs.

I love watching my children play with Mike. The looks on their faces...ALL of their faces...are priceless.

I love watching those "light bulb moments" when my children get what I am trying to teach them.

I love being alone in my car and turning my music up way too loud!

I love the hazelnut coffee from Dunkin's my guilty pleasure.

I love waking up to a clean kitchen. Even if I'm the one who cleaned it the night before. Although, it's even better when someone else cleans it. : )

I love watching my children play in the backyard. The games my boys come up with are so clever! The creations my girls come up with are genius! I am so blessed.

I love to cook! I may not be one of those people who can come up with their own recipes, but I sure can follow directions!

I love spending the afternoon with a dear friend. I think good friends are hard to find and best friends are nearly impossible. So once you find one...thank God for them daily.

I love to garden. I'm not very fond of the dirt underneath my fingernails, but the beautiful flowers and vegetables that come from all the dirty work make it worth it. '

I love Saturdays when there's absolutely nothing on my to-do list! Obviously I can think of things to do, but it's so much fun to come up with things I want to do rather than things I have to do.

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